Bangladesh’s deepest channel handed over to Payra Port authorities

Bangladesh’s deepest channel handed over to Payra Port authorities

the deepest channel at Payra Port now allows larger mother vessels to unload goods directly at the jetty of the seaport. This is a significant development as it enables larger vessels to access the port and handle larger volumes of cargo, improving the efficiency and competitiveness of the port.


By eliminating the need for lighter vessels to transfer cargo to and from larger vessels, the turnaround time for cargo handling operations will be reduced, and costs associated with cargo handling will also be reduced. This development will likely attract more business to Payra Port and further enhance its contribution to the region's trade and economy.


the completion of the excavation work for the 10.5-meter depth channel at Payra Port is a significant achievement. The handover of the channel by Jan De Nul, the Belgian contractor, to the port authority marks the completion of the dredging project and the beginning of a new phase for the port.


As Payra Port Chairman Rear Admiral Mohammad Sohail pointed out, the deepening of the channel will enable larger mother vessels to unload goods directly at the port jetty without the help of lighter vessels. This will streamline cargo handling operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. In comparison, the maximum depth for ships at Chattogram port is currently 9.5 meters, which limits the size of ships that can be accommodated there. With the completion of the Payra Port deepening project, ships with a 10.5-meter depth, 225-meter length, and 30-meter width will be able to access the port directly, further enhancing its capacity and competitiveness.


The cost of the capital dredging project at Payra Port was Tk 6,500 crore, and it started in January 2021. The completion of the dredging project has enabled larger vessels to access the port directly, as we discussed earlier. However, the work does not end with the completion of the dredging project. As you mentioned, maintenance work is ongoing to ensure the navigability of the channel. This is essential to ensure that the deepened channel remains accessible to vessels and safe for navigation.


It is noteworthy that a ship carrying 60,000 tonnes of coal from Indonesia is expected to arrive at Payra Port within two days. Additionally, seven more ships are expected to arrive at the port this week, according to the port chairman. The increased accessibility of Payra Port to larger vessels will likely lead to increased traffic and trade volume at the port, which could have a positive impact on the local economy.


The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, is expected to inaugurate the full operation of Payra Port after the completion of the whole work of the first terminal on the Ramnabad channel. It's worth noting that the Ramnabad channel is a part of the Payra Port development project and is located in the Kalapara upazila of Patuakhali district.


The first terminal is being developed to handle bulk cargo, and it is expected to have a handling capacity of 7 million tonnes per year. The completion of the first terminal will be a significant milestone in the development of Payra Port and will likely attract more investors and businesses to the port.