Top 10 websites for learning C and C++ Language

Top 10 websites for learning C and C++ Language

C and C++ work by first compiling the source code into machine code, which is then executed by the computer's central processing unit (CPU).

In C, the programmer writes code that performs operations and manipulates data, and then uses a compiler to translate the code into machine code that can be executed directly by the CPU. C is a procedural language, which means that the program is executed in a step-by-step manner, following the instructions specified in the code.

C++ extends C with object-oriented programming (OOP) features such as classes and objects, which allow for the creation of more complex, modular software. In C++, a program is executed by creating objects, which are instances of classes, and calling methods on those objects to modify their data and perform operations.

Both C and C++ programs are executed by the CPU, but C++ provides additional abstraction and organization to the code, making it easier to write, understand, and maintain large, complex software systems.

Here are the top 10 websites for learning C and C++ language:

Codecademy: An interactive platform with a clear and concise approach to learning C++.

Udemy: Online courses with a wide range of topics, including C++, with many resources to learn from.

Coursera: Offers courses from top universities, including courses for learning C++.

edX: A non-profit online platform offering courses from top universities and institutions, including C++ courses.

GeeksforGeeks: A popular website for learning computer science topics including C++, with a vast library of resources. An extensive resource for C++ language, including tutorials, forums and reference material.

Sololearn: A mobile app for learning C++ on-the-go, with interactive lessons and quizzes.

TheNewBoston: A Youtube channel with video tutorials on C++, including beginner and advanced topics. A comprehensive website for learning C and C++, including tutorials, guides and reference material. A beginner-friendly website for learning C, including interactive tutorials and lessons.

These websites were chosen for their comprehensive and interactive approach to learning, range of resources and depth of coverage of the C++ language.