ACI Fun Cake presents “Bhashar Jonno Bhalobasha” campaign to encourage the proper use of Bengali Language News Desk 6 months ago 2 min read

ACI Fun Cake presents “Bhashar Jonno Bhalobasha” campaign to encourage the proper use of Bengali Language News Desk 6 months ago 2 min read

With International Mother Language Day in mind, ACI Limited Fun Cake presents its campaign “Bhashar Jonno Bhalobasha” to encourage the proper practice of the Bengali language. A portion of the profits during this campaign period of ACI Limited will go towards the education of underprivileged children.

ACI Fun Cake has also introduced new packaging for the campaign. Customers will be able to find certain words on the packaging which they can then film themselves pronouncing correctly and upload to win various exciting prizes. From 20th February at 11:59 p.m., anyone can upload a public video with the hashtags #ACIFUNCAKE and #BhasharJonnoBhalobasha to enter the prize draw. The highest number of packet collectors from two categories will be announced as the winner on Facebook Live for the 21st February International Mother Language Day.

“Nowadays, the newer generations use a lot of strange mannerisms when speaking Bengali, using words such as pera, or, kechal. Somehow, these words have entered the cultural lexicon even though they don’t sound all too well with our language. Bengali is a beautiful language and it is essential that we use the language in its proper manner. We hope that our “Bhashar Jonno Bhalobasha” campaign can provide encouragement, no matter how small, for the people to correctly use our language”, said Faria Yasmin (Business Director, ACI Consumer Brands).

The grand finale of the campaign will be hosted on a Facebook Live programme where the top executives of ACI will remember and pay respects through their speeches to the Language Martyrs and International Mother Language Day. The Facebook live will also present the profit earned on the month of International Mother Language Day to the underprivileged children so they can protect the essence of the Language Movement and learn the proper usage of the language at the same time.

Explaining the thinking process that went behind the campaign, H. M. Fazle Rabbi (Senior Marketing Manager, ACI Foods Limited) said, “I think there should be even more campaigns centred around our language. There is this apathy among Bangladeshis when it comes to Bengali. Even though they know the proper way to use the language, many don’t. Pronouncing the words correctly from the packet can play a role in encouraging people to be less indifferent towards their own language.”

ACI Limited hopes that the campaign organised by ACI Fun Cake can encourage the proper use of our language among the people and the next generation.