Capital Dhaka Rain-restricted, empty roads.

Capital Dhaka Rain-restricted, empty roads.

Strict restrictions are in place in the capital Dhaka as well as across the country to prevent coronavirus infection. On the fourth day of the ban, the rain started at 8 am. Today in the morning, some people were seen going to work in rickshaws or with umbrellas on their heads. However, all in all, the roads are quite empty.

It goes without saying that there is no presence of common people in the streets. Law enforcers and some rickshaws were seen but the presence of private vehicles was negligible.


On Sunday (July 4), a scene was seen in the area of ​​Labaid in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. There were fewer people on the main road as well as in the alleys. Although some shops are open,

there are fewer buyers. Vendors are seen spending lazy time down the halfway point.


However, the police, army, BGB, and RAB members are less visible due to the intensification of patrols.

As many as 621 people were arrested from the capital yesterday (Saturday) for leaving without any urgent need.

Earlier, police arrested 550 people on the first day of the ban and 320 on the second day in the capital.