Evaly chairman and managing director banned from leaving the country.

Evaly chairman and managing director banned from leaving the country.

Evaly chairman Shamima Nasrin and ball managing director Russell were banned from leaving the country. Shamima Nasreen, chairman and managing director of e-commerce company Evaly. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has banned Russell from leaving the country. The ACC said that necessary steps were taken to ban the two from traveling abroad on Thursday.


The ACC says that while investigating the allegations against Evaly, they have come to know through reliable sources that the chairman of the organization Shamima Nasreen and the managing director Md. Russell is secretly trying to leave the country.

The ACC thinks that if the accused leave the country while the investigation is going on, the investigation will be disrupted. For this reason, necessary steps were taken to ban them from leaving the country.


However, according to the responsible sources of the ACC, the Anti-Corruption Commission started its investigation in November last year based on the report of the Ministry of Commerce and Bangladesh Bank and the media report against Evaly.

For this purpose, a two-member investigation team was formed with ACC Assistant Director Mamunur Rashid Chowdhury and Deputy Assistant Director Shihab Salam.


The ACC says that till March 14 this year, the current assets of Evaly.com Limited are Tk 65.17 crore. On the other hand, the liability of the company is 406 crore 16 lakh taka.

Of this, the liability taken in advance from the customers is about Tk 214 crore. And Evaly’s liability to the merchants is 190 crore rupees. According to the ACC, Evaly should have assets worth Tk 404 crore.


But Evaly has current assets of only Tk 65.17 crore, which will enable the company to deliver products to only 16.14 percent of its current liabilities.


No trace of Tk 339 crore received from merchants can be found. As a result, the money is likely to be embezzled or diverted.