Tanzeela Haque’s Poem “Like a Novel’s Happy Ending”

Tanzeela Haque’s Poem “Like a Novel’s Happy Ending”

Like a Novel’s Happy Ending

A mild breeze is blowing through the woods,

Resembling the melody of soothing sounds.

Perhaps someone is sadly weeping tears,

Or trying to make a recovery from wounds.


The temper of the sky seems gloomy today,

As the sun hides in the clouds far away.

To resemble the scene with doomsday,

Will neither be counted as wrong anyway.


Just like a plot from a mysterious play,

Nature always has a story to convey.

Little do we all possess the supreme ability,

To catch the hints of the riddles promptly.


The vista of mother nature is so diverse,

Beholds bewildering things to admire.

It is like a pack of wonder as a whole,

Which is frequently so unpredictable.


With the touch of crystal raindrops,

A greenish glow grows among trees.

The innocence of newborn babies,

Be seen among the natural properties.


Suddenly the sun is appearing,

As if a blooming flower is smiling.

The scenario is too enthralling,

Like a novel’s happy ending.



Second-year, second semester,

Department of English,

The University of Asia Pacific