The lockdown is extended for another week.

The lockdown is extended for another week.

According to the new decision, the lockdown is extended. The restriction will remain in force till midnight on July 14. The cabinet notification informed that legal action would be taken if anyone left the house during the shutdown.


The cabinet department confirmed this information on Monday in a notification. The country has been undergoing a week-long strict lockdown to control coronavirus infections since last Thursday. Which has come to be known as the shutdown in all quarters.


The cabinet notification on the shutdown said that no one can leave the house unnecessarily during the shutdown.

If such a person is found, legal action will be taken. This restriction is still in effect.


The notification said, except in case of urgent need (purchase of medicines and necessities, medical services, burial or burial of corpses, etc.), one cannot go out of the house in any way.

Those who disobey the instructions will face legal actions.


As a result, all government, semi-government, autonomous and private offices will be closed as lockdown is extended.

Public transport (including domestic flights) and all types of mechanical vehicles will be closed on roads, railways, and waterways.


International flights will continue and foreign travelers will be able to travel by car showing their international travel tickets.


The Armed Forces will deploy the required number of troops, to ensure effective patrols in the field under the Army in Aid to Civil Power.

The district magistrate will confirm the matter by contacting the local army commander.


The District Magistrate will hold a coordination meeting with the concerned officers at the district level. With a agenda to determine the jurisdiction, method, and coordination of recruitment and patrol of the Army, BGB, Police, RAB, and Ansar.


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