Tips and tricks to buying the best watches

Tips and tricks to buying the best watches

There is a tremendous number of watch complications available on the market. And despite their complexity, not all watch complications are equally practical. Some complications are must-haves and some are just ornamental (like the tourbillon).

Complications are not just neat features on expensive watches. They are symbols of the highest quality engineering and skilful craftsmanship. The beauty and complexity of each of these complications is what makes them such prized possessions. So, it doesn't matter if you are a regular Joe on the street or a Formula One driver looking to beat a world record, there is a watch complication out there for you.

Below you can discover exactly which complications were tailor-made for you.

For the everyman

Alarms are a must-have for anyone trying to make it in the 21st century. Most people are used to setting alarms on their phones, but an alarm on your wristwatch is the more elegant option. It's also not as loud and abrasive so it does work better as a gentle reminder to finish a task.

Another must-have watch complication is the Date Display. It is easily the most popular watch complication. Even the less complicated non-mechanical watches come with a date display.

But even with a date display, your watch does not know which months have 30 or 31 days. That's where the Perpetual Calendar comes in. Not only does it know the exact number of days of each month, it can also tell when it's a leap year.

For the globetrotter

The GMT or Greenwich Mean Time complication tells you the exact time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. So, it is certainly a handy feature for people who want to figure out the time at different places around the world.

But let's say you want something even more convenient. Well, look no further than the World Timer. It's a small dial that actually displays the time zones of 24 major cities around the world. The person just has to adjust the bezel to their preferred city and hour hands will automatically move to correct positions. Being able to accurately and conveniently tell time in 24 different time zones is definitely an attractive feature for any frequent traveller.

For the star gazer

If you are fascinated with stars and planets, the next complications were made just for you. A Moon Phase complication is a highly sought-after feature in the watch collector community. Its purpose is to show which portion of the moon is currently illuminated as observed from Earth.

However, if you want know more than just the moon phase, then the Planetarium was tailor made for you. Its sole function is to show you the exact position of every planet in our solar system. And it does this all in real time.

For the speed demon

A complication that can be found on both luxury and lower-end watches is the Chronometer. The chronometer is essentially a stopwatch and is a requirement for any motorsport or diving watch. It is one of the most beloved complications, being in iconic models like the Omega Seamaster, the TAG Heur Carrera and the Breitling Navitimer.

A Tachymeter is another complication perfect for use in athletic events. Unlike the stopwatch which just counts elapsed time, the tachymeter can actually calculate elapsed over a fixed distance i.e., it can calculate speed. Granted this is only possible for a distance up to one full kilometre. But it is still a stylish addition to any racing watch.

Photo: LS Archive/Sazzad Ibne Sayed